Vibe Capital 1-Pager

Vibe Capital 1-Pager

About the GP, Dave Goldblatt

Hi, I'm Dave 👋

I was employee 180 at Facebook in 2007, was there until 2017. I worked in Product and Operations, so I know exactly what it takes to scale and execute against product

Most recently, I participated in the On Deck Angel Investing and On Deck Investing fellowships, where I refined my skills in the public and private markets.

I'm deep in to web3, having been involved in the industry/investing since 2017.

Dive deeper on my Twitter or on my Personal Website.

Investing Track Record

Angel Investing

The IRR of my investments for the past 2.5 years is 43%.

Here are a select few:

  • Terraformation - Invested March 2020, raised a $30m Series A June 2021.
  • On Deck - Invested March 2020, raised a $20m Series A March 2021.
  • Proper - Invested in September 2018, raised a $9m Series A July 2021.
  • Panther - Invested October 2020, raised a $2.5m Seed May 2021.
  • Strix Leviathan/Makara - Invested April 2019, raised a $3m Seed March 2021.


In the Crypto markets, I'm long BTC and ETH.

I purchased my BTC at an average cost of ~$12,000, and purchased my ETH at an average cost of ~$300.

I have not sold any of my purchased BTC or ETH to date.

Our network, and how we get access to deals

Why Vibe Cap? (Our Thesis)

I started Vibe Cap to deploy capital in to what I see as a once in a lifetime confluence of factors.

AI, Genomics, Crypto, and Robotics are technologies simultaneously reaching the upward slopes of their exponential curves.

Couple these technologies with the macro pressures of demographics and climate change, and traditional power structures will fade.

By deploying capital to fill this vacuum, there is an opportunity to generate massive wealth through creation of structures that are more equitable, beneficial, transparent and accessible.

Our Portfolio

  • 🌱 Seedscout - Disrupting Venture Capital
  • 🦌 Fauna Bio - Unlocking the Secrets of Animal Survival to Fight Disease in Humans
  • ⭕️ Impulse - Answer questions, win dope shit
  • 🥌 Sero - Building the Peloton of mental health. Starting with beautiful, modern EMDR stones.
  • 🕳 Pipedream Labs - Building a network of underground tubes that offers near-instantaneous delivery of objects to and from homes and businesses
  • 🏳️‍🌈 Serif - Through intimate experiences and live conversations, Serif offers a space that is deeper, broader, and more meaningful than clubs, bars and apps for the LGBTQIA+ community.
  • 💎 Diamond Dao - Diamond DAO coordinates the design, development, and distribution of data and analytics on DAOs, DeFi protocols, gaming, social tokens, prediction markets, and more.
  • 🏷 Boost - Boost collapses the entire end-to-end e-commerce platform down to a single "tag" - what they are calling "the new barcode." Try it for yourself by texting $BOOST087 to 81000
  • 🤖 Circle Labs - Circle Labs at its core is "Artificial Personalities as a Service". The Metaverse requires user-generated content at a massive scale, Circle Labs enables it through their AI (and eventually through their API).
  • ⛏ Ender - Right now, Ender is simply a way for kids to perform education projects in Minecraft. In the future, Ender wants to empower kids to learn how to operate in the workforce by creating portfolios of projects - and paying them for it.
  • 🔥 Fion - Fion fights wildfires. Their tech packages highly accurate fire prediction & detection, spread prediction, and destruction estimation into custom dashboards for fire departments, forestry services, financial institutions and insurance companies.
  • 🕸 Kubelt - Kubelt is web3 CMS. Instead of having to manage your content/data using multiple different centralized services (eg Snowflake + Salesforce) it’s all done using decentralized web3 protocols, but with the ease of web2! (Compliments of Kubelt 😉)
  • 💿 CatalyzeX - CatalyzeX is starting as a very simple tool - an extension that reveals code for AI papers - and building something massive on top of it. By aggregating this behavior, they’re creating a knowledge-sharing network of one of the most important behaviors of the next decade.
  • 🦾 AI Responsibility Lab - You’ve seen Terminator and The Matrix, so you know what really bad advanced AI can do - but that’s at least 20 years out. Unfortunately, even today’s AI applications can have really perverse outcomes - like Arrest, and Jail Time, Due to a Bad Facial Recognition Match. AIRL aims to solve for the absolute worst outcomes of AI systems in both the near and short term, starting with a simple B2B business but expanding well beyond that.
  • 🍃 Flow Carbon - Climate change is a big deal. Carbon offsets are one of the best ways to counteract climate change. Flow Carbon is building a Decentralized Finance ecosystem around their carbon offset tokens, offering financial upside for all participants in the carbon offset market - incentivizing everyone to solve climate change while simultaneously seeing significant financial upside.
  • 🪐 Odyssey DAO - Crypto/web3/blockchain is confusing. Odyssey DAO is making it much less hard with top-notch educational content. Founded by Peter Yang (ex-FB, Reddit - and current Vibe Cap social advisor), Odyssey DAO brings a particularly polished web2 approach to learning about web3.
  • 🤫 Stealth social app with round led by a16z

Our Advantage

We live in the exponential. (So you don’t have to.)

We’re in Discords, Telegrams, and at Hacker Houses, creating Alpha and generating relationships to get exclusive access to the next 1000x founder or protocol.

Founders adore us. (And promote us.)

Our network is unfair. (Competition is overrated.)

  • Ex-Facebook network. First access to alumni deals.
  • On Deck network. Fellows get exclusive deals from the On Deck Founder Fellowship.
  • Twitter. Strong following in the Startup and web3 ecosystem.
  • Volt Capital and Combine VC. As an LP, the GPs direct deals to me.
  • Mat Sherman, CEO of Seedscout, directs deals to me.
  • Yishan Wong, CEO of Terraformation, sends me Climate deals.

I want to back!

You can back by simply clicking here. I'm also more than happy to chat if you have any questions; shoot me an email