We deploy capital for a once-in-a-lifetime confluence of factors.

About Vibecap

AI, Web3, and Deep Science are simultaneously reaching the inflection point of their exponential curves.

Couple these technologies with the macro pressures of demographic and climate change, and traditional power structures will fade.

By deploying capital to fill this vacuum, there is an opportunity to generate massive wealth through creation of structures that are more equitable, beneficial, transparent and accessible.


Dave Goldblatt

Dave Goldblatt

Product / Facebook
CEO / Wavechat
Fellow / OnDeck
Dave joined Facebook in 2007, and worked on Product and Operations at Facebook until 2017. While there, he learned from world class builders, thinkers, and operators how to scale technologies and businesses to billions of users.

More recently, he was the CEO of Wavechat, a social audio company. After Wavechat, he was a fellow in the On Deck Angel Investing and On Deck Investing fellowships, where he refined his skills in the public and private markets.

To learn more about Dave’s thinking and influences, you can view his Twitter or Personal Website.
Tim Ryan

Tim Ryan

Venture / MLC
Product / DCEX
Founder / Zepp Labs
Timothy Ryan is an experienced entrepreneur and angel investor. He most recently was a GP, leading a seed stage Venture Capital fund through AngelList called MLC Ventures, that focused on bringing seed capital to tech founders.
He was also responsible for negotiating term sheets with founders and other co-investors that ranged from $100k - $500k+, securing equity for $20M+ valuations.

Prior to that his experience as a founder was established with product creation, operations, and go-to-market launches.
He founded a health tech startup that was acquired, and was involved in Web3 / cryptography working with Ledger & Trezor and helped to launch an exchange called DCEX that was funded by Ripple Labs.
He was also one of the founding team members for Zepp Labs, a sports wearable startup that achieved a peak of $15M ARR, and raised over $40M+ in VC funding.

Timothy graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from San Francisco State University and an MBA in Global Finance from IAE Nice in France.

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Fund II

Fund I

  • AI
  • Web3
  • Equitable, beneficial, transparent and accessible structures.
  • DeepSci
  • AI
  • Web3
  • Equitable, beneficial, transparent and accessible structures.
  • DeepSci
  • AI
  • Web3
  • Equitable, beneficial, transparent and accessible structures.
  • DeepSci

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  • Mat Sherman @Mat_Sherman
    Mat Sherman @Mat_Sherman

    Dave is a visionary. Very brave investor. Will be very successful imo.

  • Soona @soona
    Soona @soona

    Hire & wire at its finest. Thanks for being one of the most thoughtful investors we work with. You go the extra mile for us.

  • Dalia in NYC @daliakatan
    Dalia in NYC @daliakatan

    You always have my back and look for ways to help me grow as a founder. I feel incredibly lucky to have you as an investor and friend!